Thursday, March 31, 2011

new chris evans, justin chatwin, nathan fillion, and paul rudd

hey! here's some fresh fakes, enjoy!
justin chatwin

chris evans

nathan fillion
paul rudd


  1. Your celebrity posts are seriously the BEST I have ever seen! I particularly loved your version of Paul Rudd - AMAZING!
    Any chance you may do a few other hot hairy dudes like John Hamm, Mark Ruffalo, Mark Feuerstein, etc?
    I'd forever be in debt to you!

  2. thanks so much! i really like paul rudd, and i'm pretty happy with how the fake turned out so i'm glad you like it!
    i'll definitely make more hot hairy guys; they are my favorite! it's just surprisingly difficult to find good base images for those kinds of men.

  3. YAY for hairy guys!
    I posted your Paul Rudd fake on my tumblr, it's definitely one of the most popular posts I've done!
    Check out the "likes" and comments here...

  4. thanks so much! i'm glad you and your viewers liked the fake! it's one of my personal favorites :)

  5. Lurid who owns the real body of this Paul Rudd fake? I need more!

  6. I love the nathan Fillion pic! Would you consider doing one more pic of him please?

    1. yes! but i'm not working on any currently.