Saturday, April 9, 2011

new jensen ackles, anderson cooper, and justin theroux

hey guys,

here's some new fakes. two are two of my top favorite guys: anderson cooper (the silver fox) and justin theroux (super hot actor from one of my favorite movies, mulholland dr.) hope you like them! click the thumbnails for the full versions.
anderson cooper
justin theroux
jensen ackles


  1. Oh god, you're just awesome! Yesterday's set was amazing, today's update is too. Jensen is one of my top favorites, so I guess we'll have some fun with these images. Thanks a lot for sharing your awesome work!

  2. thanks so much xmanip! and thanks for adding a link to my site from your blog!

  3. this is great except Anderson Cooper is for real, not a fake!

    1. hahaha, thanks. i wish there were real nude pics of anderson! blogger has been shady about displaying some of these images lately. i wonder what the deal is?