Wednesday, January 18, 2012

alexander skarsgard and ian somerhalder

hey everyone, here's a new alexander skarsgard and ian somerhalder. my two favorite vamps! enjoy!
alexander skarsgard & ian somerhalder
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  1. Oh god. PLEASE make more of Ian Somerhalder. I am a HUGE fan of him and I absolutely love when you make manips of him. I really want to see him manipped with PAul Wesely Please? :D

  2. Beautiful men.....beautiful image.

  3. this is really hot! more celebrity pairings please like chris evans with chris hemsworth; ryan reynolds with ryan gosling

  4. thanks for the comments! i'll make some more of ian eventually. maybe with paul wesley. i don't find paul too attractive, but maybe i would if i started watching the show?
    i like those pairing suggestions. those would be hot images. i have some ryan gosling on the way. it can be difficult and time consuming to get two body/face matches right in the same image so i don't do it too often.