Saturday, May 14, 2011

new daniel craig and brando eaton!

here's a couple new fakes. i know posts have been light lately, i'm working on it :)
daniel craig
brando eaton
click the pics for larger versions. enjoy!


  1. Two remarkable images -- a beautifully strong Daniel Craig, and a totally erotic Brando Eaton. Craig is an ideal fantasy man (as is Bond); Eaton, I'm sure, has a growing fan base among Dexter fans (like me).

  2. please do the glee guys like in a orgy..

  3. thanks for the comments! not sure if i will do a glee orgy as multiceleb fakes are very difficult and time consuming. but maybe

  4. Nice fusion with the Erik Rhodes body (he's my favorite porn star ever, so I definitely would recognize that picture, especially since I still have it), I definitely wouldn't have thought of that with Daniel Craig. Now you have me thinking about Erik Rhodes fucking Daniel Craig, thanks for that.