Saturday, May 14, 2011

poll results: what show or movie would you like to see fakes from?

  204 (49%)
  52 (12%)
Vampire Diairies
  44 (10%)
True Blood
  16 (3%)
Pretty Little Liars
  11 (2%)
  49 (11%)
Gossip Girl
  22 (5%)
  15 (3%)

Votes so far: 413

looks like glee is the undisputed victor. i'm a little surprised. if your tv show or movie preference was not an option, feel free to leave a comment on this post. i'm always interested in hearing about new shows with hot dudes. thanks to everyone who voted!


  1. Micheal C Hall and Desmond Harrington from Dexter please! I love your work!

  2. I love your work too. Some of the Desperate Housewives hunks would be great, especially Ricardo Chavira! Please!

  3. thanks for the comments! just posted michael c hall. i'll probably do desmond harrington eventually. desperate housewives... hmmm. i'll have to think about it ;)

  4. Hey, I love your work, its amazing. I started watching The Offiuce the other da so the John Krasinski one is doing wild things for me. If you could make a Dave Annable from the sadly cancelled Brother & Sisters tv show itr could help ease the pain (among other things :P).

  5. thanks ateshatesh. i'm in the process of making a dave annable. not sure when it will be finished though. and nice livejournal!

  6. I love your work!!! If you don't mind more Nicholas Brendon Please! And if you could do one with his real life win brother Kelly Donovan with Eric Balfour wedged in between.(Giggles)I'm such a nerd!(They were all on Buffy.)

  7. hey rob. thanks for the comment! i like that idea. if i can find a suitable base, i'll definitely make that!

  8. Oh good you are good! Please do few chord overstreet solo ;)

  9. Do I umderstand, correctly ? . . . Did you do Roger Federer ? I can't wait for Rafael Nadal !! You, my friend, are a true, fuckimg genius !!!

    1. thanks much! i haven't made one of federer. i probably won't. i'll def make more of nadal, though--someday.