Wednesday, May 25, 2011

new michael c. hall and scott speedman

hey guys. here's a couple new fakes. hope you like them; let me know what you think!
michael c. hall

scott speedman

click the thumbnails for full-size versions


  1. Speedman is a secret desire, so I flipped over this one. Then you double the pleasure with "Dexter" Hall. Two gorgeous men in two brilliant manips. Keepers, no question.

  2. OMG! Dexter!!! You made my day, Please more of him or Gerard Butler (leonidas), I would be so happy, Your manips are awesome, they look so real.

  3. thanks so much guys! i'll make gerard eventually, don't worry. just gotta find a good body to face match. sometimes it takes a while

  4. Who does Michael C's body belong to? :D

  5. i don't know his name, sorry! i wish i did!